Thank you for visiting this website. This page features information about the website’s use of cookies under current legislation.

  • What are cookies?
  • Which cookies are used on this site and for which purpose?
  • How can you refuse or delete cookies?
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What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that websites place on the computers of visitors for the following purposes:


To make it easier to use (parts of) the website, e.g. to recognise users during repeat visits, to recognise preferences and to quickly complete forms.


To collect visitor statistics and to use them to further improve and renew the website.


To monitor viewing behaviour of individual visitors and to use this information for commercial initiatives, e.g. by providing specific information based on specific clicking behaviour.

There are various types of cookies, but legislation makes a distinction between functional and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies are not subject to legislation. However, non-functional cookies, which include analytical and commercial cookies, are subject to legislation. The latter also include cookies placed by e.g. Google Analytics and many other social sharing buttons on social media networks.

Which cookies are used on this site and for which purpose?

This website uses a few functional cookies, namely:

  • PHPSESSID:this cookie is placed for functional purposes during a visit. The cookie is deleted again once the internet browser is closed.
  • _icl-current-language: this cookie determines the selected language preference.

In addition, this website uses a few cookies for analytical purposes via Google Analytics, in order to measure the effectiveness of the visit as well as our website. More information about Google Analytics: Privacy statement of Google Analytics.

  • _utma: this registers how often visitors visit the site, and includes the first and most recent visit.
  • _utmb en _utmc: B and C work together to determine how long the site visit lasts.
  • _utmz: this registers the origin of visitors, e.g. a search engine or referral site, as well as search words and region.
  • _ga:this cookie is aimed at making the data collection referred to under _ga more efficient.
  • _gat: deze cookie heeft tot doel het verzamelen van gegevens zoals benoemd bij _ga efficiënter te laten plaatsvinden.

Cookies used for analytical purposes tend to have a longer life-span, e.g. to measure repeat visits.

Finally, this website contains buttons and features for sharing information located on this website on social media networks (e.g. on time lines featured on sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook). These social networks also place cookies for functional, analytical and commercial purposes. This involves cookies from e.g.:

  • (maps)

How can you refuse or delete cookies?

The settings on your internet browser can be used to refuse cookies and possibly delete already placed cookies. There are various types of internet browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari) and their respective settings are changed differently. You should refer to the help feature of your internet browser to change your cookie settings. Bear in mind that changing your settings can have an impact on the sites you visit.


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